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Mrs Sarah Hall

Brooke Primary School

At the heart of it all is the child.

Comenius ProjecT


Comenius Project


Developing ‘Unity Through Diversity’ via a creative and collaborative learning experience.

Marshland Primary/ Brooke Primary 2013 - 15

UK, Italy, Spain and Turkey 

 Aims of the Project


The aim of the project is to develop and promote ‘unity through diversity’ in both the pupils and staff from the respective schools. This is to be achieved through experiencing different cultures and educational settings.

The partnership is to develop and share their respective learning projects giving pupils the opportunity to view how children are taught in different cultures.

This will give pupils and teachers the opportunity to exchange and share their learning.


History of the Application

  • January 2012, process started by schools communicating via ‘Global Gateway’ which is an interactive messaging board.
  • Original group of schools came from UK, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece and France.
  • January 2013, formal application begins.
  • June 2013 application is completed and sent.
  • September 2013 application is successful for schools from UK, Spain and Italy.
  • November 2013 – First meeting between partner schools.
  • January 2014 – Turkish school given go ahead to join Comenius group.


 Outline of visits

  • November 2013 Pre planning event, UK.
  • March/April 2014 Visit to Florence, Italy.
  • October 2014 Visit to UK.
  • March 2015 Visit to Spain
  • May 2015 Visit to Turkey 


  • Increased motivation –– pupils and teachers.
  • Increased social skills and self confidence – particularly for pupils and staff who travel.
  • Increased knowledge about partner countries and cultures – pupils and teachers, nformation which can then be disseminated.
  • Increased ICT skills
  • OFSTED recognise the importance of the shared activity and the opportunity it provides for staff and pupils to work beyond their own country. From the meeting in Birmingham in November 2013 a parent spoke to the group stating that a residential visit to Germany was the thing that had best prepared her son for the move to Y6 and subsequently Secondary School – it had provided the opportunity to develop social skills and support independence 

Visit to Florence March-April 2014

March 31st

Travel to Florence from London City Airport.

Explore villa and local area

April 1st

Tour of Palazzo Vecchio (museum)

Barbecue at the Villa hosted by the English

April 2nd AM

School based activities.

Lunch at school

Outdoor activities and games in the Parco delle Cascine

April 2nd PM

Cookery session, traditional Italian food.

April 3rd AM

Outdoor activities at school

Concert in school

Lunch at school.

April 3rd PM

Evening food and goodbyes at school.

April 4th

Travel back to UK, evening arrival at school.

 Visit to the UK from Spain, Italy and Turkey

20th-24th October 2014


Monday 20th October -          Travelling day

Tuesday 21st October -         Visit to the historic capital of Yorkshire, via train. 

                                              Guided tour around York Minster

                                              Visit to the National Railway Museum, ( home of the most famous steam engines

                                              in the world which were built in Doncaster)

                                              Opportunity to explore the City of York

Wednesday 22nd October -  Visit to London

                                              Guided tour of the Palace of Westminster

                                              Visit to the National Gallery, the Portrait Gallery and Trafalgar Square

                                              Walk down the Mall to see Buckingham Palace

                                              Opportunity to view other London sites

Thursday 23rd October -       School based activities

                                              Tour of the school

                                               Sporting competitions

                                               Lunch in school

                                               Sharing of children's work and presentation of what English pupils have been

                                               studying this half term

                                               Joint pupil activities - research & complete a 'History of Doncaster' booklet

                                               Farewell evening celebration in Doncaster's famous 'Fish & Chip' restaurant  

Friday 24th October -             Travelling day

Visit to Leon, Spain

16th-20th March 2015


Monday 16th March

Travelling day

Tuesday 17th March

Guided tour around Leon Cathedral, visit to other historic buildings in Leon city centre.

Wednesday 18th March

School based activities. Traditional Spanish dancing, sporting activities, Spanish games with host children, presentation to partner schools.

Thursday 19th March

Visit to mountains and cave system, guided tour through the caves, farewell dinner with partner schools.

Friday 20th March

Travelling day

Visit to Turkey

May 11th-15th 2015

Monday 11th May

Travelling day to Aydin.

Tuesday 12th May

AM - School based activities, (sharing of traditional games from each country.)

PM – visit to Aydin Museum, viewing of traditional dance from Turkish Children

Wednesday 13th May

Visit to Epheus, ancient Roman city, Pm – visit to Chrisitan shrine

Thursday 14th May

Boat trip around peninsula, visiting small Turkish villages, Pm – Comenius final celebration meal.

Friday 15th May

Travel back to UK

 The first legacy visit of the Comenius Project

On Friday 16th October  a selection of Y6 children from across the Federation visited Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery to view an exhibition which sets out to tell the life story of Anne Frank, this is the first legacy visit from our hugely successful Comenius Project which came to an end this year. This was followed, in the afternoon, by a guided tour of Doncaster Minster where we discovered how this important landmark in the Borough  promotes Christianity in the town.

At the heart of it all is the child.